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Animals3 days ago

Heartbreaking Moment As A Mother Cow Chases After Her Calves As They Are Driven Away From Her In a Cage

Animals2 days ago

Baby Elephant Screams In Terror As Angry Mob Throws Flaming Tar Balls At Them

Animal RSS Feeds4 days ago

Thurston County Man Who Had His Dog Wolfy Shot Sentenced to Five Months in Jail

Animals4 days ago

Senior Dog Abandoned By Family Forced To Eat Rocks In Order To Survive Alone In The Streets

Politics2 days ago

‘Lock her up’: Girl who mistakenly shot elk ‘bullied’ as wildlife officials decide her fate

Animal RSS Feeds4 days ago

Venice dog groomer investigated for animal abuse

Animals1 day ago

Cop Kills His Dog With Shotgun, Animal Control Officer Fuming

Animals3 days ago

Man Put His Dog Onto A Flatbead Trailer While Driving High Speeds, Dog Lovers Are Now Outraged

Animals4 days ago

Man Arrested After He Refused To Take Very Ill Dogs For Treatment To The Vet

Animals1 day ago

Woman Charged For Mishandling Animals Ranging From Dead Carcasses To Having Sick Animals With Bloody Urine

Animal RSS Feeds3 hours ago

18-Year-Old Charged With Animal Cruelty for Allegedly Duct-Taping, Tossing Cat

Animal RSS Feeds1 day ago

The inhumane human act of animal abuse

Animal RSS Feeds2 days ago

How Are Animals Killed For Meat? Slaughterhouses To Film Possible Animal Abuse

Politics4 days ago

Former pro football player Anthony McClanahan charged with murdering his wife

Animal RSS Feeds1 day ago

Man who left dog to die in 35C car for 9 HOURS as he drank in pub walks free

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