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Advertising with us is simple and very unique. We not only advertise your business and/or cause but we also manage it. The way we do this is we send out a daily report directly to your email to show you how your advertisement is performing.

Our visitors come from all over the world and we never filter out any country’s visitors. This makes it a win-win situation! You can receive the most amount of exposure to your campaign.

We use UTM code to track all clicks in order to provide you detailed report on the progress of your advertisement.

You can cancel your advertising campaign at anytime.

Advertising Methods

We offer different advertising methods in order to excel in your advertisement with us.

Methods We Offer:

  • Website Banner (Any size, any location)
  • Icon
  • Rotating Banner (Any size, any location)
  • Non-invasive pop-up
  • Top/Bottom Message

Visitor Demographics

Over 60,000 visitors per month

*Statistics are based on Google Analytics report

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • France
  • Philippines
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Others

Advertise Now

Website Banner

$45 per day

Your banner will be on the top main page along with all pages on our website. This type of advertising provides the most exposure for your advertising campaign.


$10 per day

A simple icon on our main page with optional text written below it.

Rotating Banner

$65 per day

Advertisement that shows off your campaign with multiple eye catching images.

Non-invasive pop-up

$30 per day

A pop-up that will not be blocked by any pop-up blockers. Your message will be shown to visitors in the middle of their screen where they will have an option to either visit your ad or exit.

Top/Bottom Message

$15 per day

A simple advertising message at the top or bottom of the screen that pops out on main and all pages.

Test Drive – 14 Days (Any Method)

$1 per day

Take a test drive on any of our advertising methods for 14 days and pay only $1 per day. The test drive allows you to switch any advertising method at any time.

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