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Man Seen Saving Animal On Side Of Road As California Fire Rages (Video)

Another animal life saved today

Wildfires in Southern California have left a wrath of devastation.

The massive fire has consumed more than 90,000 acres of land. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, has declared a local state of emergency.

The Thomas Fire began Monday, Dec. 4. However, by Wednesday it had grown and exploded into a Christmas nightmare.

People are being forced to evacuate their homes, in hopes that it will still be standing upon their return.

But that didn’t stop one unnamed hero from braving the flames when he saw an animal in distress along a Ventura County highway. The eerie, threatening sky was all around him.

A witness filmed a man wearing shorts and hooded sweatshirt who had stopped on the road.

He had apparently watched a wild animal dart across the highway and land right into a burning bush.

He just couldn’t leave knowing that poor, helpless creature might be burning alive. Instead he stopped, potentially risking his own life in the process.

At first the witness couldn’t quite figure out what was he was doing. Then after a few moments, realized he was saving an animal.

he man was panicked, visibly distraught as he tries to figure out how to reach the small creature from the flames. He jumped up and down, got down on the ground, and paced back and forth.

Finally, he was able to reach in and grab the wild rabbit from the brush.

The video quickly went viral, with many calling the good Samaritan a hero. Another saying he had restored their faith in humanity.

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