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Adorable Corgi Puppy Can’t Contain Her Excitement While Shopping At Target

For some of us, a shopping trip in a gigantic store is an exciting day out. With so much to browse, it’s easy to get over-whelmed and leave with much more than you intended to buy. One happy dog to share in the shopping delirium is Zira, the super-cute four-month Corgi puppy, who went on a trip to Target earlier this month.

Zira’s owner Jesse was surprised to see how delighted she became while being brought through the aisles in a shopping cart. “She reminded us so much of Rose from Titanic, the way she leaned against the front of the cart, looking out into the world of Target for the first time! We could tell she loved it so much,” recalls Jesse. The California-based pet owner posted photos of Zira’s adorable panting grin on Twitter and the post soon went viral. The post currently has over 145,000 retweets and more than 550,000 likes, along with countless replies from fellow animal lovers who also shared snaps of their precious pets enjoying shopping trips.

The response wasn’t always positive though, with Target themselves claiming that their store is “Service Animal Friendly only.” Jesse has since issued an apology on Instagram on behalf of Zira, stating: “I’ve learned a lot about the laws and regulations on pets allowed in stores. My parents weren’t aware of all the risks and dangers when they brought me in there.”

Don’t worry though—since then this cute pup has had her shopping fix at pet-friendly stores such as PetSmart and Home Depot.

 Zira the super-cute half Corgi puppy recently went shopping in Target and loved every second.

But this happy dog isn’t the only pet pooch that enjoys a shopping trip…



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