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Senior Dog Abandoned By Family Forced To Eat Rocks In Order To Survive Alone In The Streets

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He has a square jaw and a coat of mostly light brown with some white splotches. And he is, in short, the type of dog that makes people smile, with a pink tongue that hangs loose from the side of his mouth as he plays with friends.

But sadly for Stewie, there was a long period where life had little fun in it. Instead, it was just about survival, and the senior pooch went to extreme measures to keep himself alive.

Stewie’s family moved from their home in 2016. When they left, though, they didn’t bring their four-legged family member with them.

No one knows the reason why, but what is known is that Stewie fended for himself for a year on the streets. He stayed close to his abandoned home, but without anyone to care for him, Stewie developed multiple health problems.

When rescuers found him at the home, he was scared and ran away from them. Sometime later he returned, and with their expertise and the help of some chicken, they were eventually able to get him into a large carrier.

They gave him the name Stewie and brought him to a hospital, where he stayed for two weeks, getting baths and lapping up food with abandon. He had tumors on his skin, ear infections, an eye infection, a flea infestation, and inside his belly was not food but rocks — yes, rocks.

After his stint in the hospital, he was taken to Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary in California. Workers there described him as sweet and silly and talked about his love of treats and other dogs.

Stewie was not through the health rough patches yet. He had several growths removed and one biopsied.

Then came the good news: Stewie was cancer-free. And that meant he could now be put up for adoption.

The beauty had glamour shots taken by a professional photographer and is currently looking for his forever home. It is well documented that senior pets have a harder time finding new homes when they need it, but then there are certain animal lovers who wouldn’t have it any other way.

Senior pup Jake lived this firsthand. He was 12 years old and living at a shelter in California with terminal cancer and skin problems.

He was described as “the oldest, hardest to adopt dog” at the shelter. Jake’s declining health was constantly getting him overlooked by potential owners.

Like many doggies his age, he probably felt there was no hope. That was until Melani Andrews came to visit the center one day.

The widowed grandma was looking for the least adoptable dog. Workers pointed her in Jake’s direction.

Andrews knew that she wanted to save his life and give him unconditional love. A photo of the two new friends showed their compatibility, and the shelter called it “a match made in heaven.”

Of course, Stewie deserves his own match made in heaven. As yet, it remains to be seen who that will be.

With that smile, it is hard to imagine that Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary won’t have dog lovers lined up to take him home. He had some rough times, but let’s hope his future is all play, treats, and snuggles from here.


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