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Man Bite Out A Dog’s Eyes Is Now Charged For Animal Cruelty

This sick human does not deserve to be in society and only behind bars after what he has done to an innocent dog. It is unbelievable what a person can do and what goes through their head when they begin torturing animals. This guy is not normal and needs to spend his entire life in prison.

Full story below:

A Long Island man is under arrest, accused of torturing his 3-year-old dog.

The Nassau County SPCA says the shih tzu, named Chloe, was brought to an animal hospital with a serious eye injury around 9 p.m. on November 6.

The veterinarian determined that Chloe’s right eye was bitten out and immediately contacted authorities.

Nassau County SPCA detectives conducted an investigation, and on Saturday, December 3, 20-year-old Aaron Kluger, of Port Washington, was arrested and charged with the crime.

Aaron is due in First District Court in Hempstead on December 27.

Chloe received surgery to reattach her right eye. At this time, with proper care and treatment, the veterinarian is hopeful her eye will be saved.


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