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Dog Fakes Being Sick Just So That Pet Parents Stay With Him And Skip Work

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They say that dolphins are the smartest animal out there, but, I have to argue that dogs are pretty high up on that list. While we think that our dogs can be pretty dumb sometimes – like by chasing their tails for hours – they are pretty intelligent and crafty when they want to be. When they want our attention, they know the exact face to give us and exactly what to do to make us melt. And, when they want us to stay home and play with them instead of going to work – they have a few tricks up their sleeve apparently.

One dog from Utah faked being sick so his owners would stay home from work and play with him. According to owners Kennady Longhurst and Alex Salsberry, their dog Sully started acting a bit weird and making strange noises that sounded like “a mix between coughing and choking.” Obviously, whenever any of our pets are acting strange or make weird noises, we’re immediately concerned. Both Alex and Kennady looked online for anything that matched the symptoms – but, they claim that their dog was “totally normal” besides the weird noises.

They both claimed the remainder of the night, Sully acted pretty normally, but, the next day he started choking/coughing again – so, they decided to stay home from work and take him to the Vet to get him checked out. As it turns out – Sully was just trying to get some extra TLC from his parents and faked the entire thing. Kennady posted a photo and caption on Instagram saying:

Yesterday Sully started doing this scary coughing/ choking noise, and it freaked us out pretty bad. Alex decided to work from home so he could keep an eye on him. We decided to take him to the vet in the morning and after $85 our vet told us OUR DOG WAS FAKE COUGHING FOR ATTENTION. (And it worked)


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