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Woman Shares Her Dog’s Very Hilarious And Bizarre Habit, Now It’s Going Viral

The best thing about living with dogs? They tend to keep things interesting.

Francesca Emmingham of York, England, loves her dog. Flynn is a little black rescue pup who captured Francesca’s heart the second she saw him online. At the time, though, Francesca wasn’t sure she would be able to afford to purchase and care for the little guy, but she managed to get him, and her life hasn’t been the same since!

Case in point: Francesca recently shared a series of adorable photos of Flynn because he has a strange but endearing habit.

He loves to steal things. Francesca stated this bizarre fact on Twitter and asked if anyone wanted to see some photographic evidence of his crimes. Of course, the internet said yes because we’re always down for seeing pictures of cute dogs any day!


Although it’s difficult to imagine this cutie being the face of a hardened criminal, it’s true. Flynn is a thief who finds the strangest objects to pilfer when his owner isn’t looking.


Here he is hanging onto a fork — because you never know when you might come across a meal that requires the proper flatware! He’s just being “pup-ared.”


“I haz a blanket. Do you want to do a snooze with me?” How could we ever say no?!


“Did someone say ‘spaghetti?’ I could have sworn somebody mentioned ‘spaghetti.’”


“Time for walkies?”


Is it tea time already? If he had pinkies, he’d definitely be extending them in a very dainty manner.


Flynn is always looking to set the romantic mood.


I’m no detective, but I think there mighthave been more to this cutting board before Flynn got to it.


Why go out when you can stay home and watch Netflix with this guy?


Um, Flynn? It might be time for an intervention! As Francesca’s tweets rack up the retweets and likes, it seems that the cute rescue is rapidly becoming an internet sensation.



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