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Man Put His Dog Onto A Flatbead Trailer While Driving High Speeds, Dog Lovers Are Now Outraged

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This is the definition of stupidity, and one man proved that you can be stupid and reckless at the same time.

A photo posted to Facebook showing a dog sitting on an open flatbed trailer has sparked outrage among dog lovers and an investigation by police.

The picture was taken in the Canadian city of Calgary, Alberta, by an individual driving by and was reported to the Calgary Humane Society (CHS) as well as police.

“This guy was driving down Stoney Trail with his dog tethered to his flat-bed trailer,” Facebook user Ryan Harris wrote. “He should not own a dog.”

Ryan Harris / Facebook

Many people commenting on the photo agreed, although it’s too early to say at this time if the driver will be charged.

A CHS spokesperson said the driver’s actions could lead to animal cruelty charges.

“On the Animal Protection Act end of things, that certainly has the potential for causing distress and can be an undue hardship,” CHS spokesperson Brad Nichols told Global News. “From the photo that I witnessed, it appears to be risky at best. The dog potentially could fall off that flatbed while the vehicle is in motion, which would have the potential for severe injury, if not death.”

The driver’s actions also appear to violate the city’s responsible pet ownership bylaw. Both agencies are continuing their investigation and reaching out to the person who took the photo.


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