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Hilarious Pets Who Stole The Hearts Of Their Owner’s Partner And Don’t Care

Pets are a lot like children. They’re energetic, love to play, need to be cared for and watched constantly and most of all, they’re needy. Usually, they require a lot of attention from their owners, but not these pets. No, these pets want attention from their owners’ significant others. From cuddling up with a loved one at night, shoving their owner’s out of the way and giving their owners the stink eye to sleeping on a girlfriend or boyfriend’s face and perching on their shoulders, these pets make it clear under no uncertain terms that though their owner may be dating the other person, but the significant other’s heart belongs to them.

Below are some of the most jealous pets on the internet today.

1. This dog is jealous of his owner’s girlfriend.

Source: Reddit

2. This woman’s cat glares at her every time she tries to get near her boyfriend. The boyfriend didn’t believe her so she took a picture.

Source: ssdshannonmarie

3. One woman just wanted to enjoy her coffee and cuddle with her boyfriend, but her pooch had other plans. He nudged her out of the way and then gave her this look when he cuddled up to BF.

Source: HellaClassy

4. When this lady got of bed she quickly learned that her boyfriend doesn’t wait around. He was cozied up with his new gal–his girlfriend’s dog.

Source: reddit

5. This pup is so easy. Her owner’s boyfriend took her to the park one time and this is what happened.

Source: 98ej8

6. This dog gives his owner the same look every time he crawls into bed with man’s wife.


7. When the dog gets a goodbye kiss but boyfriend doesn’t, boyfriend becomes sulky.

Source: nsbklyn

8. Girlfriend walked in on her boyfriend with the cat.

Source: Pulvercity

9. This is how one woman finds her boyfriend and her cat every morning.

Source: Hippielovin

10. One woman’s boyfriend and her dog are extra close.

Source: Milky_moo_cow

11. This dog made his owner feel awkward for walkign in on them.

Source: termytwo

12. This dog stole his owner’s boyfriend and is making sure she doesn’t get him back.

Source: ThebestKimthereis

13. This man sends pictures of him and her dog holding hands, just to make her jealous.

Source: Gilmowy

14. When this dog’s owner leaves for work in the morning, he takes her spot and stares lovingly at her boyfriend.

Source: ChiSc0tt

15. This guy was banned from sending his girlfriend anymore of these pics while she’s at work.

Source: powalona

16. Winner of the “Miss Steal Your Man” award of 2017.

Source: kirsty.lian

17. When your dog misses your boyfriend and so needs to Skype him.

Source: RCAF_Nurse

18. This guy was getting a bit lonely when his girlfriend was out of town, so he made the cat dinner.

Source: kfarz

19. One guy came home after a 14-hour shift to find his girlfriend in bed with another man.

Source: bazzil350

20. This cat gives her owner the stink eye to remind her that she’s just the side-chick.

Source: leah38124

21. This dog clearly loves her owner’s boyfriend more than she loves her.

22. This cat is all googly-eyed for her owner’s boyfriend.

Source: Sarbanes_Foxy

23. When Marley feels left out of the moment, he joins in the moment.

Source: LittleDank

24. This pup feels no qualms about stealing her owner’s spot…or her man.

Source: madison_mc95

25. This man chose to sleep on the couch with the dog than in bed with his GF.

Source: WineandTherapy

26. When you don’t go to bed at the same time as your wife, there is no guarantee she’ll save you a spot.

Source: Rawtashk

27. This man tucks his cat into his girlfriend’s spot when she’s not there. Tucks. Her. In.

Source: megank306

28. This dog loves his owner’s boyfriend. Like, a lot.

Source: GoZhenyaGo

29. How this woman’s dogs sleep when her boyfriend stays over.

Source: zerglings_ate_my_bf

30. Even Hillary Duff feels the pain of having her man stolen by another woman.

Source: Hillary Duff



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