Investigators looking for answers in disturbing Sandusky County animal cruelty case

FREMONT, Ohio (WTVG) – Police are investigating a disturbing case of animal abuse in Sandusky County. We want to warn you that the details of this story may be upsetting to some of you.

A 5-6 month old puppy was brought to the Dog Warden with severe injuries last month. After a trip the the vet, it was quickly decided that the dog would have to be put down. But before that happened, the little puppy met a lot of people who loved her.

The staff at the Sandusky County Dog Kennel named the puppy Lily.
While she was only at the kennel for two days she had a huge impact on the community. Kelly Askins is the Chief Dog Warden, "Honestly, this is the worst case of abuse and neglect I have ever been part of."

Askins says that's saying a lot, considering some of the cases she's handled during her career, "To know all the suffering she went through was tough for any of us to bear."

Lily was reportedly found in a ditch along Route 6 on February 28th.
The person who found her called the shelter, and then brought her in.
It was immediately clear that something was seriously wrong with the pup. X-rays showed multiple fractures in her jaw and three of her legs. Askins says the injuries were not consistent with being hit by a car or thrown out of a car, "In her right hind leg, her tibia was shattered. The femur head was broken off and her growth platelets were all over the place. It was horrendous. Those injuries had not just happened. In fact, fractures in her left hind leg had already started to heal. She had complete atrophy of the muscles in her hind legs, so she had been like that for some time."

Askins says after she talked with the vet it was clear that even with multiple surgeries, Lily would live her entire life in pain, "I was not going to put this little girl through more. I could not bring myself to do it."

There was an incredible reaction to lily's story from the community.
So before Lily was euthanized, people had a chance to show her just how much she was loved."Anyone who wanted to come meet her, say goodbye, spend time with her or spoil her was able to visit with her. She was given hot dogs and whip cream. She greeted everyone wagging her tail. She was alert and excited to see everyone."

And as tough as it was to say goodbye, Askins says it was the only option, "She was an incredibly sweet and loving dog. I am heartbroken that this ended the way it did."

While they continue to hunt for answers in Lily's case, Askins has a simple reminder for everyone, "If you can't take care of your animals, call someone who can help. There is plenty of help available in our region. If we can't take your dog here at the kennel, we have resources for you."

There is a $1,000 reward connected to this case right now, but Askins expects that number to increase in the coming days and weeks.
She says anyone who is convicted in connection with this case will be facing fines and jail time. If you have any information about this case, you are asked to call the Fremont Police Department at (419) 332-6464.


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