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Man Beat His Dog To Death For Losing Money In A Dog Race, Later Cooks It

This is the horrifying moment a man is slamming his dog onto a floor for losing in a dog race in northern China.

Mobile phone footage shows the enraged man shouting while he picked up a greyhound by its hind legs and swung it in the air.

Pear video stated that he decided to kill it and have its meat cooked

He claimed he will cook the dog and have its meat after it died.

The horrendous incident occurred in Xiong county of Hebei Province on December 3, according to Pear Video.

He repeatedly hit the canine onto the ground until it died.

‘You made me lose my money!’ said the man.

An unnamed person spoke in the video that saying that the man had spent a lot of money to buy the greyhound and put it in a dog race competition.

A man is seen dragging his greyhound's hind legs by force

It’s said that he also bet heavily on his dog and lose it all as his dog did not win in the competition.

‘Listen up, dog owners. If your dog is not in a good fit, eat it,’ the dog owner said.

He also claimed that he will cook the dog and eat its meat after it died.

The clip has over 2,560,000 views since it’s been uploaded on Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-like social media platform, just hours ago.

The dog owner swings it in midair before hitting it onto the ground

Web users commented on the man’s vile act for killing dog.

‘Such a useless man, his mother should slam him on the floor the same way as he did to the dog!’ said ‘Michiko’.

‘The dog is innocent in this, he is absolutely crazy and heartless to animals,’ ‘tiannin_175’ wrote.


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