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Man Charged With Stabbing His Dog Multiple Times Ended In Trooper Killing It To End It’s Suffering

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After a Cecil County, Maryland, man’s dog attacked another dog earlier this week, the man took the dog home and stabbed it, according to police.

A trooper killed the suspect’s gravely injured pit bull to end its suffering after getting the man’s permission, according to the Maryland State Police.

Reginald L. Farley II, 25, of North East, has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

Police gave the following account:

On Wednesday, just after 11 p.m., a trooper was dispatched to the 100 block of Seneca Court in North East for the report of a dog attack.

A resident told the trooper that a neighbor’s dog had just attacked her German shepherd. She said the neighbor had retrieved his dog and taken it back to his home in the 100 block of Louise Court.

While the trooper was obtaining information, a dog was heard loudly yelping in the direction of the 100 block of Louise Court.

The trooper went to investigate and met Farley at his home. The trooper was told the dog had been stabbed and was dead.

The trooper, who asked to see the dog, was taken to the backyard. He found the pit bull, still alive, with a large knife protruding from its neck but with little chance of surviving.

The trooper used his department-issued pistol to kill the dog.

Farley was placed under arrest and taken to the North East Barrack for processing.

The German shepherd was injured but is expected to survive.


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