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Pedophile Who Raped Children & Animals Found Dead After He Was Forced To Drink Acid

A notorious convicted pedophile, who was recently jailed for raping children and animals, was found dead after he was “forced to drink acid.”56-year-old Allan Kenneth Brookes of Coffs Coast Australia was found in his cell by prison guards, having died of severe internal acid burns.

Former dairy farmer Brookes was jailed in April for a series of sexual assaults against young boys and cows, described by the judge as “grave and evil” during sentencing.

Judge Chris Craigie said Brookes’ attacks on his victims were “brutal and humiliating” while giving him a minimum of seven years behind bars at Sydney’s Darlinghurst District Court.Investigators reported that Brookes’ body was found with his genitals “missing,” and believe he may have eaten his own penis before drinking the acid which “liquidized his insides.”

In a statement, NSW Corrective Services said Brookes’ death on Saturday was “not believed to be suspicious.”His death is being investigated by Corrective Services NSW Investigation unit and police who believe he may have mutilated his genitals “out of guilt” to “punish himself for his own crimes” before he “probably” committed suicide by drinking the acid, a report will be given to the coroner.

The staff at Lithgow Correctional Centre have been offered counseling and peer support, although none of the guards have yet to take up the offer.According to one of the guards, other inmates seemed happy about the news, saying “They don’t like nonces in here.”

According to the CCA, Brookes, was found guilty in September of multiple pedophilia charges, with 17 of the child sex offenses against a single victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.Brookes also subsequently pleaded guilty to a bestiality charge relating to an offense with a calf on a farm in regional NSW.Judge Chris Craigie sentenced Brookes to a maximum 10 years behind bars, with a non-parole period of seven years.

Handing down judgment at Sydney’s Darlinghurst District Court, Judge Craigie said Brookes had “humiliated and degraded” his victim, causing him both physical and psychological harm.”He (Brookes) should have understood the damage he was doing … and the total disregard for the welfare of his victim,” the judge said.He described the offending, which took place with one of his victims when he was in his early and mid-teens, as “grave and evil” and noted that Brookes had a “poor prospect of rehabilitation.”

“There has been a marked lack of empathy for a person … who believed he was a victim,” the judge added.The court heard that Brookes abused the victim numerous times including one instance when he anally raped the boy in a paddock on a farm.Judge Christie described this attack as “brutal and particularly humiliating.

“The judgment also included details related to bestiality, including an occasion when Brookes “ejaculated in the mouth” of a calf on a farm.

At one point during the judgment, Brookes collapsed and had to be helped back onto his seat in the dock by court staff.Brookes had been in custody since September last year and would have been eligible for parole on September 26, 2023.


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