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Owner At A Pet Rescue Arrested After Gruesome Video Surfaced Of Animal Abuse

The owner of a Phoenix pet-rescue operation has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty, officials said.

Rebekah Fox-Laverty, owner of Mavyn Animal Rescue, was arrested following a gruesome video posted on social media earlier this month, Phoenix police confirmed.

Police said Fox-Laverty was booked Thursday on one count of animal cruelty for failing to provide medical care.

According to Arizona Corporation Commission records, Fox-Laverty is the president of Mavyn Animal Rescue. The rescue’s website says its mission “is to help saves lives while educating the general public and pet owners.”

The video posted in early December on a Facebook page shows a sick and emaciated yellow Labrador Retriever. According to the Facebook post, the dog was taken from Mavyn Rescue to the Arizona Humane Society and another was rushed to an emergency veterinarian and put down.

Arizona Humane Society spokeswoman Bretta Nelson confirmed the organization has been caring for the dog, named Baby, for the past several weeks.

“She’s a very sick girl but has put on some weight since she has been under our care. She has been transferred to an Arizona Humane Society foster hero home and continues being treated through the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma hospital. She’s on meds for valley fever and is also on a feeding schedule to gain weight,” Nelson said.

“We clipped her nails, which were so overgrown that they curled under her paws. She is extremely shut down and won’t really interact with people,” Nelson added.

She said the organization anticipates Baby will remain in foster care and receive treatment through the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma hospital for the next several months.

The organization’s behavior team will then work with her on trusting people and gaining confidence.

“It’s extremely, extremely heartbreaking,” Nelson said.


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