Rothschild man facing animal abuse charges

Rothschild man facing animal abuse charges

Matthew Newton.

Matthew Newton.

WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) — A Rothschild man is accused of throwing his girlfriend’s dog twice and snapping its neck during a heated argument over her contact with another man in Madison.

Matthew R Newton made his first court appearance in Marathon County Monday facing charges of mistreatment of an animal causing death and disorderly conduct. He’s being held on one thousand dollars cash and $4,000 signature bond.

Documents say Newton was becoming suspicions of his girlfriend’s interactions with another man in Madison. She took the dog into her bedroom to get away but Newton followed her and continued to confront her about the man. Eventually he took the dog out of her hands and threw it up against the wall twice, intentionally snapping its neck according to the woman.

Court documents also say Newton took a pair of scissors and began cutting himself before the woman called 911.

If found guilty on both charges Newton could serve nearly ten years in prison.


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