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Very Kind People Gave Three Stray Dogs Warm And Cozy Beds At A Bus Stop

Just look at these poor little dogs that are freezing cold at a bus stop. Thankfully there a still kind people in this world who actually care about the wellness of an animal and are there for them in time of need.
“Snowbirds” who make their annual trek to the south to escape the cold may have the right idea, but there’s no guarantee that the days and nights will be warm. Even the southern hemisphere experiences winter cold.
Down in Brazil, the nights have turned chilly enough that street animals are beginning to suffer. Fortunately for these three dogs, the staff at a bus terminal in the city of Curitiba couldn’t stand seeing them cold and miserable. So they did something about it!
The trio of pups, fondly named Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho by the staff, have a warm place to sleep, blankets to cuddle under, and good food and water. Using old tires, the people fashioned beds for each dog.

Although you and I might not like sleeping in an old tire, the dogs feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven. With lots of people petting and loving them, they’re grateful for their home.

After local politician, Fabiane Rosa, posted about them on his Facebook page, the story went viral. He is well aware of the animals that live on the streets in his city and face difficult circumstances every day. Some suffer abuse and neglect, too. He said, “We must understand that this world is not a privilege of humans. God created animals to teach us to love unconditionally.”

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